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B4 Bookkeeping is the result of Shalie being downsized from a remodeling company during the market downturn. Many contractors had to cut back their office staff, leaving more work for the business owners to manage on their own. This made it difficult for those owners to focus on running the business when they had to focus on things like payroll, taxes, and paying bills. 

Shalie decided to take her experience and connections to the contractor world and start a company to bridge the gap.

 B4 Bookkeeping saved the contractors the expense of having a full-time office employee by subcontracting the workout. This also relieved the workload of the business owners, allowing them to focus on their business. As the construction industry turned around in 2014 and many of these clients hired office staff again. So B4 Bookkeeping has expanded to other industries such as, Restaurants, Body Shops, Rental Companies, and Auto Dealerships. 

They also offer training to clients in all industries, from insurance agents to financial advisers and continue to add new clientele all the time.