Oct 31 2015

2016 Business Tax Return Checklist Please find below of information necessary to complete your business tax return. Basics: The date of incorporation The State in which you incorporated the name of your business the Federal ID # the address of your business the number of shares of stock authorized the number of shares issued to whom […]

Dec 16 2013

Your major expense, or emergency fund should be enough to cover your major expenses for 6 months to a year. Here are some important expenses to consider when determining how much you save… The urge to spend all you make is called consumer mentality. Try to get investment mentality instead. – Edward H. Romney Housing expenses: […]

Dec 16 2013
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Importance of Separating Personal & Business Finances Maintain separate checking accounts Start with your bank. Open a business checking account. “If there’s ever a question as to whether it’s a hobby or a business, the IRS looks to see if you have a separate checking account,” says Richard Salmen, a certified financial planner with GTRUST […]